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A transformational program for any organization with a team of 2 or more, where reconnecting people with their passion and purpose make waves of dynamic shifts and progressive business outcomes.

Practitioner testimonials
Finally, a straightforward scientific process that gives everyone, on any kind of Team, a voice in aligning their collective Brand (behavior) with their shared Culture (values).
Bob Krumanocker
CEO at Charter School
I became BCAT certified because I wanted to learn how to stretch my coaching engagements from a few weeks to a few months. I got that from the program, plus a whole lot more. I’m coaching teams now, not just individuals. More lucrative, and much more fulfilling, for me personally and for my clients.
Bob Krumanocker
CEO at Charter School
We covered a whole lot – not just how to interpret and apply the BCAT process, but in team dynamics, organizational development, and even branding and marketing. I’d definitely do this again and will recommend the program to my colleagues.
Bob Krumanocker
CEO at Charter School
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Upcoming Dates:
  • Project leaders looking for an innovative way to launch new projects or get struggling efforts back on track
  • HR leaders looking for a proven method to boost enterprise engagement
  • Business owners and executives looking to accelerate growth and increase productivity
  • Marketing, Business, and HR consultants looking to strengthen their portfolio of services
  • How to confidently and accurately explain the benefits, concepts, and principles of Brand and Culture Alignment to your colleagues, partners, clients, and prospects.
  • How to authoritatively describe the BCAT Model of Brand and Culture to your colleagues, partners, clients, and prospects.
  • How to use BCAT Schemas to launch, manage, and successfully complete BCAT projects.
  • How to Interpret and explain BCAT Reports, analytics, and results.
  • How to Integrate the BCAT into the way your Team works.

Day 1, 4 Hours

  • Foundational BCAT Concepts and Definitions
  • The BCAT Standard Model of Brand and Culture
  • BCAT Step Zero: The Incorporating Question and Launching a BCAT Project
  • Interpreting and Applying BCAT Step One (Consonance) Report

Day 2, 4 Hours

  • Facilitating the BCAT Step Two (Resonance) Role Target Discovery Workshop
  • Understanding, Articulating and Applying the BCAT Role Target
  • Facilitating the BCAT Step Three (Alignment) Workshop
  • Interpreting and Applying the BCAT Step Three (Alignment) Report
  • Integrating BCAT within your Portfolio of Services
  • Tuition USD$2495 per person, including:
  • Online training, plus free refresher attendance in future training sessions (as space permits)
  • All materials, worksheets, and example BCAT schemas and reports in electronic format
  • $2500 credit for future BCAT services
  • 8 hours of online consultation