Visualize your entire Team

as though it were a single person doing its Best Work on its Best Day to keep all its promises and achieve all its goals.

What would this person be like?

Alignment in
Three Steps


Are we all rowing in the same direction?

Working online in just 15 minutes, the BCAT Survey Instrument invites everyone to bring your Team’s signature BRAND to life. Regardless of role, rank, or seniority, every voice is equally valid and valuable.


Are we all rowing in the right direction?

Over a few hours, your leaders and stakeholders work together to visualize your Team’s Role Target: the personification of your CULTURE that Aligns and Inspires everyone on your Team to become their Best Self.


Are we all pulling our weight?

Using your Role Target as an ideal role model, each member of your Team creates and follows a Personal Alignment Plan: their individual commitments to contribute to your Team’s shared PURPOSE every day.

Is your Team Aligned?

Does everyone at every level clearly understand and support your Team’s goals and direction?
The BCAT Process connects the Head with the Heart. It aligns everyone on your Team with your Team’s signature PURPOSE.
When your Team changes direction or introduces something new, are the details and reasons communicated quickly and clearly to everyone?
The BCAT Process promotes open communication within and across all organizational levels.
Do your marketing, sales, and HR Teams meet frequently to ensure that what you say to your employees is clearly aligned with what you’re telling your customers?
The BCAT Process integrates your organization’s marketing and HR messages into one powerful voice that builds Brand loyalty – inside and out.
On your Team, does the "right hand consistently know what the left is doing?“
The BCAT Process inspires willing, proactive collaboration among all the members of your Team.
When your Team’s members meet people they admire and respect do they encourage them to join and support your Team?
The BCAT Process turns your people into enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors.
Are your Team’s projects and strategic initiatives usually completed on or ahead of schedule?
The BCAT Process shifts your Team from simply “being busy” to working together to achieve measurable results.
Does your Team willingly collaborate and support other Teams in getting things done?
Positive results are achieved when the silos come down and Team collaboration goes up.
Does your Team encourage everyone to take the initiative and drive positive change from within?
“People don’t resist change. They resist being changed.” - P Senge
When your People are Aligned with Your Purpose, everyone feels empowered. They embrace and support rather than resist positive change.
Do your Team’s leaders encourage, inspire and celebrate creative thinking from everyone at every level?
The BCAT Process inspires fearless innovation at every level within your organization.
Does your Team usually run efficient meetings that result in clear action plans and lead to measurable, positive results?
The BCAT Process shifts your Team's focus from tracking activity and managing process to setting and accomplishing clearly articulated practical goals.
Count your YES Answers.
1-2: Playing catch-up
3-5: Playing to tie
6-7: Playing to win
8-9: Leading the league
  10: Changing the game
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