September 22, 2021

Realizing the Promise of the New ROI

Al Cini

In his ground-breaking book The NEW ROI: Return on Individuals, friend, business valuation expert and esteemed colleague Dave Bookbinder provokes some serious soul-searching with a powerful question:

Do you believe that people are your company's most valuable asset?

What Are We Giving Our People?

Modern business leaders pay plenty of lip-service to this. Every chance they get, they vociferously proclaim to their employees, their customers and their shareholders that, in their organizations, People Come First.

Nice Talk. But how are they proving it?

There's no doubting the investment 21st Century companies are making to convince us all that, indeed, their People Come First. Training and development, employee ownership packages, benefits and bonuses, team-building exercises... they're spending hundreds of millions annually on Perks to prove that they love their people, in the hope that, in turn, they'll love them back.

But they don't.

Gallup's been measuring how much employees love their companies for dacades now. They call their measurement "Employee Engagement" and, despite vast sums spent on Perks over the years, on average their Q12 survey consistently reports that only about a third of the US workforce is engaged in their work.

The international numbers are even worse.

Money historically spent on Perks vs Gallup's measurement of Employee Engagement

What Do Our People Really Want?

Research clearly tells us what our People really want. In their discussion of their Employee Engagement Q12 survey findings, Gallup nails it:

Employees need more than a fleeting warm-fuzzy feeling and a good paycheck (even if it helps them respond positively on a survey) to invest in their work and achieve more for your company.
People want PURPOSE and meaning from their work. They want to be known for what makes them unique. This is what drives employee engagement.

People want more than Perks. They want to feel connected with PURPOSE.

You build great Teams around a PURPOSE, not a place. Here's how we do it:

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