August 31, 2021

The Team-Building Power of PURPOSE

Al Cini

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are.

Have you ever tried to build people into a Team? Maybe you’ve tried bowling, or zip lining, or paintball, or pizza making... These events can be fun, and they can make everybody happy for a while...  but, in the long run, do they really turn people into a Team?


Now imagine the members of your Team scattered all over the world, working from trains and airplanes, from remote offices, client locations... Or working from home. How do you build a winning Team when your playing field might be the entire world?


We've designed and built the answer into the Brand and Culture Alignment Toolkit.


Working completely online, no matter where your people are, we turn your people into an engaged and motivated Team in three simple steps:


First, we use the BCAT Survey, which they can take online anywhere, anytime, to reveal the "North Star" that represents their shared pride in the work they do.


Next, we work with your Team's leaders and stakeholders to convert that North Star into a "Role Target" - an ideal virtual person who represents your Team's Best Self living its Best Day at work. With our internet tools, we hang your North Star high in the sky where everyone on your team can see it, no matter where in the world they might be.


Then, we guide and help everyone on your Team in creating personal plans to align themselves with your Team's North Star. We help each of them develop the positive habits that, day by day, every day, steer them closer to your North Star, aligning themselves with your Team's signature dreams and ideals. 


And, over the long haul, we offer programs and coaching techniques that help them stick to their plans.


Remote Team building isn't hard, it doesn't take long, and it’s just as much fun as pizzas and paintball. 


You build winning Teams around a Purpose, not a place. 

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